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What if 14
What if? 14
(SoRoku) (It could be looked at as brotherly)
(BBS spoiler ahead)
(Some parts of this story I made up randomly)
Chapter 14: Threats
"Riku, do you know me? I lost my memories, all of them. I don't know who I am."
Riku started to breathe again and he put a gloved hand to my right cheek.
"Sora, can't you remember me? I am-was your best friend before... before we were separated."
Riku... I want to remember but...
I held my head in pain and I heard Roxas scream.
"What's happening?!" I exclaimed in pain.
"Stop it Sora! If you remember who you are then Roxas will fade away!" Axel blurted, pulling back his hood and he wrapped his arms around Roxas to comfort him, pulling back his hood too.
"Why?" I questioned.
"Because I'm your Nobody Sora; I'm a part of you. We were separated when you lost your memory." The blond said weakly.
Nobody? Roxas is my Nobody?
I turned to Riku and said, "I can't let Roxas fade aw
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What if 13
What if? 13
(SoRoku) (It could be looked at as brotherly)
Chapter 13: Riku
"Hey Sora,"
"Yes Riku?"
"Do you think that there are other worlds out there?"
"When we get older, let's go search for them."
"I promise Sora."
Riku smiled fondly at the memory, he had been so young back then and carefree. He wished that he could go back there and relive all those memories.
Riku was perched on a skyscraper, looking down at the ground below.
The Heartless had detected three cloaked male teenagers in the area and they were heading in this direction.
A few Heartless fell into Riku's sight with frost all over them.
"How did you do that?!"
"I'm not sure Roxas. I sort of felt the urge to say the words and well, it sort of happened."
"That's cool and all but it's not nearly as awesome as fire!"
Riku saw a burst of flame come out of an alley throwing back a bunch of Neoshadow Heartless.
Three hoode
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What if 12
What if? 12
(SoRoku) (It could be looked at as brotherly)
Chapter 12: Comfort
I sat on my bed and glared at the white floor. My cheeks were still slightly pink, I could feel it.
Why does Axel do that?! I HATE him so much! I can't STAND him! I hope he DIES!
I took a few deep breaths to calm my burning temper.
But... I don't want him to die I just... He always... Whatever, I don't care about him... Do I? That's not possible, Nobodies don't have hearts.
I heard my door open gently and I was surprised to see Sora instead of Axel.
"Hey, are you ok Roxas?"
"Fine." I muttered and turned my head away from the brunette.
I felt Sora sit down next to me on my bed. Whatever, I don't care.
"You seem upset." I heard him stat.
No shit.
"I'm FINE." I said sternly.
"You are not, liar." Sora retorted.
I turned to him and glared so intensely that he flinched.
I look
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What if 11
What if? 11
(SoRiku) Later
Maybe (SoRoku).
Chapter 11: Strength
(Oblivion Castle)
"Maleficent, Riku!"
"Yes Master Ansem?"
"The Chosen One has awakened."
"That will wreak our plans! I will send Heartless to him immediately!"
"No need Maleficent! Riku, go after him!"
"Of course but... how do I find him?"
"His heart will lead you to him."
Sora lunged at Roxas with his Keyblade, Kingdom Key. Roxas smiled and blocked Sora's blade with his own, Oblivion.
Metal clashed together sending out a beautiful metallic noise.
The room they were fighting in was extremely big and white and it contained no furniture. This was the Organization's training room.
Through a viewing screen Xemnas, Zexion, Demyx, Axel and Xigbar watched the fight. You see, Roxas was helping Sora train with his Keyblade.
Sora jumped back from Roxas and then he jumped forward and pointed his Keyblade at Roxas. The blond teenager was re
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Mature content
Home :icondarkaceinfinity:DarkAceInfinity 1 0
What if 10
What if? 10
(SoRiku) Later
Maybe (AkuRoku)
Maybe (SoRoku)
Chapter 10: Deal
(Roxas' room)
"So what do you remember?" Axel asked.
All three of us were sitting on Roxas' bed.
"Nothing." I replied with a shrug.
"Blank with a capital B." Axel said.
"Oh! A key! I think it's called a Keyblade!" I said with a smile.
Roxas raised an eyebrow and suddenly a gigantic, black key appeared in his hand.
"Like this?" He asked.
I looked at the weapon in complete awe.
"Maybe but the one I remember looked different. I wonder why that's the only other thing I remember apart from my name?"
Axel looked thoughtful and he ruffled my hair.
"Don't worry yourself over it! Do you want to know why we got you out of your pod and brought you here?" He said.
I fixed my hair and nodded.
Axel and Roxas told me about some 'crystal pod' that I was put in that affected my memories and how I've been asleep for as long as a year which explains why my clothes seem small.
They told me how they got me out and h
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What if 9
What if? 9
Chapter 9: What is lost can be found
(About a year later~)
(Haunted Mansion)
Everything was quiet in the lab apart from beeps from some computers. It was dark in the lab with only the artificial light from the computer screens to light it.
Suddenly a metal door was blasted opened by some kind of fire and two figures wearing all black burst in the lab. Their faces were hooded.
The shorter of the duo summoned a weapon in hand; a black Keyblade with what appeared to be bat-wings on it. The Keyblade had a name to suit it's design; Oblivion.
The Keyblade wielder smashed the computers with his weapon violently.
The taller figure chuckled and said, "Geez Roxy; do you have to destroy everything we come across?"
"Anything that is DiZ's I'll destroy as should you." The other replied.
"No thanks, I would rather watch you. You're hot when you're angry"
The taller one retorted, smirking under his hood.
The other hooded figure shot his companion a glare before continuin
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What if 8
What if? 8
Chapter 8: Losing you
"That boy does not care about you... You can see in my crystal ball that he has found new friends..." Maleficent said.
Riku watched the events unfold in the crystal ball and his eyes narrowed, they softened though as the next scene played in the ball.
The brunette was telling Donald and Goofy about Riku and how good he was at everything.
"He is taller than me and stronger when it comes to brute strength! Sometimes he is a jerk to me and we end up having a sword-fight but at the end of the day... he is my best friend and I will do anything to find him." Sora told his new friends.
"Gosh, this 'Riku' sounds amazing, no wonder you want to find him." Goofy said.
"I don't understand how you can be friends with this guy, he sounds like a bully!" Donald blurted.
Sora laughed replying, "Yeah but he is nice when you get to know him! Actually, now that I think about.. he was nicer a few days ago when he fixed my pendant."
Maleficent covered her crysta
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Riku happy by DarkAceInfinity Riku happy :icondarkaceinfinity:DarkAceInfinity 2 3
What if 7
What if? 7
Chapter 7:New allies
I can't see anything but darkness and flashes of light. Am I dead? No... my head is throbbing in pain. Dead people can't feel pain, can they?
I feel my body being pulled downwards by some invisible force.
I'm scared, I wish Riku was here; he's not scared of anything!
It was when I was a lot younger, eight I think.
I had fallen asleep on our special place, Destiny Islands. I was suddenly awoken by a loud crack of thunder.
Cold rain poured onto my white shirt with a blue collar on it and my red shorts. I shivered due to the cold and my fear for the storm.
I got off of the now damp sand and I looked up to see the angry clouds above.
I jumped as a flash of light lit up the sky. Another crack of thunder was heard and I bolted to cover from the rain.
I ran into the little forest of trees and I sat under a few.
Tears streamed down my face, I'm so scared.
I scrunch my eyes shut as another light lit up the sky and I hugged m
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What if 6
What if? 6
Chapter 6: Take my hand
Riku held his hand out to Sora, "Take my hand and we can be together Sora like it always has been."
Sora looked at the ground only to see darkness. The darkness was spreading and it was close to his shoes.
"Take my hand and I'll protect you." Riku said.
Sora hesitated but what other choice did he have? He promised to follow Riku anywhere and he never broke his promises. Riku was his most trusted and best friend after all.
Sora reached his hand out to Riku's, his Keyblade disappearing in a flash of light.
"Sora! Stop!"
Sora spun around and was surprised to see Kairi running to them.
"How did you get here?" Sora asked.
Kairi stopped running as she reached Sora and she replied, "A strange mouse got me here! Don't go any closer to Riku! He's going to kill you!"
Sora turned to Riku who had his Keyblade in one hand.
"How DARE you interfere Kairi! You have no idea what you're doing!" Riku growled as his glare was directed at her.
Kairi held her
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What if 5
What if? 5
Chapter 5: Choice
Sora had no idea where Riku had gone but he mentioned something about a door with that Axel guy.
Sora ran as fast as his legs could go, he was determined to catch up to them. He had a feeling that something extremely wrong was about to happen.
He willed his legs to go faster out of fear for Riku.
Sora made it to their not so secret cave.
Before he went in his heart skipped a beat, something didn't feel right here.
The silver haired teen stood about two meters from the door. The pyro leaned against the wall with his eyes fixed on someone new.
The new person was a lady with a black cloak on that was long at the back. It looked like she had horns and she held a staff.
"Are you ready, Dark One to open the door and release the Heartless on this island." The lady said, she appeared to be a witch, a very powerful one.
"Yes Maleficent." Riku replied as he pointed his arm out, palm facing the door.
A dark aura formed around Riku that had always been w
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What if 4
What if? 4
Chapter 4: Swarming storm
The sun was shining brightly behind dark clouds. A soft breeze blew through the palm trees of Destiny Islands. There were a lot of crows around, oddly.
Sora walked alone on the sand and he looked very fidgety and anxious. He was obviously scared of all the crows, it felt like they were watching him. He eyed the clouds with unease, was it just him or were the clouds getting darker and darker by the hour?
Sora shook his head and wiped the fear out of his face. He mentally told himself to think positive and it worked.
"What are you doing Sora?"
Sora spun around and smiled in relief.
"Looking for you, Riku." He answered.
The silver haired boy was perplexed and he raised an eye brow.
"You noticed that I was gone?" He asked.
Sora huffed and crossed his arms.
"Of course I did! Jeez, you're my best friend Riku. I would be pretty shallow if I didn't notice that you were gone. We've been friends for years Riku! If you go missing I'm bound to worr
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What if 3
What if? 3
Chapter 3: Calm before the storm
"Sora, hey! Sora! Are you listening?"
I felt myself being shaked and I snapped back into reality.
Kairi and I were sitting on the beach together and it was sunset.
"Sorry, I spaced out." I said as I put a hand behind my head in embarrassment.
Kairi giggled and replied, "You've been doing that a lot lately."
"Yeah, I'm not sure why." I said.
"Don't ever change."
"I'll try my best!"
Kairi and I sat in silence for a while.
"Have you seen Riku today? I haven't." I asked, breaking the silence.
"No, he's been acting weird lately." Kairi answered.
"He disappears when you're not around. None of us know where he goes."
"Look Dark One. Sora doesn't care about you, have you seen the way he looks at that girl." The hooded figure said.
Riku and him were in the shadows as they observed Sora and Kairi who were sitting on the beach and chatting.
"You're lying." Riku replied but he was unsure.
"It's no secret that Kairi l
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What if 2
What if? 2
Chapter 2: Mystery's beginning
I sat on the beach and watched the sun set. For some reason I couldn't think straight, I think it has to do with my necklace.
That necklace means the world to me and just feeling it break felt horrible. It's the only thing that I have about where I came from. I fell from the sky as a baby apparently and a family took me in and cared for me.
After a while I accepted that no one knew about my origins. I came down wearing that necklace apparently and I have never taken it off.
The odd thing is that it broke so easily, dozens of times I've accidentally hit it with something but it's never been damaged once.
I sighed and leaned back with my arms behind me and I felt the warm but comfortable breeze.
"Are you ok?"
I didn't turn around and I replied, "Yes Riku, I'm fine."
"I've got your necklace." He replied.
"Keep it, it's broken so I don't want it." I said.
"No. It looks better on your neck then in my hands." I heard him reply before fee
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What if
What if? 1
Before KH. The events in this story are not based on the actual KH events but a few are with some altering. This story contains NO characters of mine since most of the time fan characters wreck stories. The characters in this story are real and definitely not mine.
Enjoy and don't flame.
What if Sora and Riku got together instead of being separated?
What if they fell in love but were on different sides?
What if everyone was trying to tear them apart?
What if all the worlds fates depended on their relationship and the power of their hearts?
Chapter 1: Falling
Darkness as far as the eye can see...
Still falling...
Getting dizzy and tired...
Waking up.
I shook my head.
Another dream? When did I fall asleep?
I was lying on the beach, close to the water.
What's happening to me? Am I going crazy?
I shook my head to get the sand out of my brown, spiky hair.
I've been having these weird thoughts lately like... is any of this for real or not?
:icondarkaceinfinity:DarkAceInfinity 6 2


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